Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Biz Idea!!

EasyFix, an on-call-technician service, was born out of a personal need. Plumbers and electricians are known for not showing up on time. Also, varying rates, following up difficulties and security were key concerns. 25-year-old Shaifali Agarwal took matters into her hands and started EasyFix in mid 2011. This is how it works: A client calls the helpline, the problem is understood and the right technician is sent. An estimated bill for the job is given and, at the end, a receipt is handed over. The minimum visiting charge is Rs 100.
Finding technicians was tough. “They had never worked in a salaried environment — only one out of 10 would agree,” says Agarwal. As word spread, technicians turned up. She also wanted to disprove that EasyFix is pricier than the neighbourhood handyman. “Our services are slightly expensive, but our target group live in South Delhi and Gurgaon,” says Agarwal. EasyFix will be in Mumbai by March end, and wants to be in all metros soon.
EasyFix now earns Rs 600-700 per day per technician and is close to break even. “We will make money as we scale up,” says Agarwal, who wants to be the biggest employer of blue-collar workers in India.

Facts & Figures-

  • Operating since June 2011
  • Initial investment Rs 20 lakh
  • Workforce 23
  • Sales Rs 2.5 lakh per month

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