Saturday, 31 March 2012


IT, Finance, HR, Marketing, Banking are the common specializations which come to any candidates mind when they think of pursuing MBA. But with the nature of businesses and economy getting dynamic with each passing day in the context of globalization one has to think beyond the common MBA specializations. It is in these areas where umpteen opportunities and less saturation exist. One such offbeat specialization is Logistics/Supply Chain Management.

Emergence of organized retail, increase in foreign trade, growth of manufacturing sector has contributed to the growth of Logistics industry in India. Good logistics and supply chain management departments have become imperative to every industry/company having plans to expand globally. Automobiles, Aviation, Mining, and Consumer Goods are some of the sectors that are investing heavily on logistics industry.

Logistics Industry is expected to grow annually at the rate of 15-20% by 2015.

Some of the important functions of the Logistics Department include – materials management, purchasing and stores management, manufacturing and operations management, buying, physical distribution of goods and supply chain management.

We at FORESIGHT believe in equipping the students with the RELEVANT Degrees for the opportunities which lie ahead. The curriculum of Logistics Management enables the participants to make use of their knowledge in the different business processes that are involved in Logistics.

Name of the course offered by Foresight - PGDMLM(Post Graduate Diploma in Logistics & Material Mgmt) affiliated to the University of Pune. Duration - 1 yr

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